1454874116DUO20-2002.jpgDUO was my last experience while I was employed with Quintor. It was also my longest lasting post with a client and one of the most varied ones.

As with CJIB earlier, I was there from conception when we started with three teams all the way into production where we were with ten+ teams. I’ve been involved in almost every application that we built, including:

  • the back-end where laws and business rules were applied to student load applications (the project’s ‘beating heart’)
  • the back-end where letters were generated
  • various administration back-ends
  • the front-end for students and parents at home
  • the front-end for DUO employees at work


DUO’s project “Vernieuwing Studiefinanciering” is one of my proudest achievements; I helped implement the entire architecture. All students in the foreseeable future will be using a system I had a significant hand in creating.

I did a lot of very different things for the project, but what made it a true milestone project for me was that I designed the entire front-end architecture, prescribing a full javascript technology stack, application structure and development workflows for all front-end teams. This was in an age when AngularJS was not even viable candidate to be considered. I roughly came up with an approach which now looks remarkably similar to a more modern approach with AngularJS. If a full AngularJS solution can be called a cruise ship, my approach can be called a patched together steam ship; it scaled well as the project and number of teams grew and it got you over the finish line. The front-end industry is really starting to grow up now and I’m excited for the future!

resume details for my position with DUO