FBTO, the Achmea daughter insurance company, was my first professional experience and my first client as developer at Quintor.

Fresh out of school, I joined the maintenance team at FBTO in the Achmea Tower, Leeuwarden. Soon I started helping out other developers with their technical issues and developing environment and before long I moved to the team that was doing new projects for new products. I was even part of the first wave of agile adopting companies, as my team was tipping toes into Scrum long before other companies started embracing it.

After some time I gained enough knowledge of the twelve years old legacy code base to start cleaning up stuff that most seniors there did not even recognize anymore. This was in a time where there were no standards for things like HTML, Javascript and proper back-end technology such as Spring and JPA.

Finally I suggested and implemented a complete overhaul of the static front-end content doubling the incoming visitor numbers and enabling proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The point I’m trying to illustrate: from the very beginning I have been a quick learner, always ready to help out and always on the lookout to improve business.

resume details for my position with Achmea FBTO