Completed a project for ABN Amro to completely rewrite and expand an application called MKBnext. This is an application with which small to medium business owners and entrepreneur can buy/sell companies. Goal is to provide a faster, more robust application with a completely new design, that is much better manageable.

My role included setting up the project from the ground up including proof of concept/prototype, before other team members were able to join the project. I’ve worked on all facets of the webapplication, from back-end to front-end.

The following components were involved:

  • Very short and strict deadline, which we successfully made
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Worked according to Agile Development Process


Used technologies:

Spring, JPA (Hibernate), JSF (Mojarra / Richfaces / Ajax4JSF / PrettyFaces), Flex, XHTML+CSS, Ajax, Velocity templating, Alfresco CMS, Flying Saucer and other related technologies.