AEGON Netherlands, Leeuwarden (Mortgages)


Worked as technical architect in an agile environment to standardize microservice development and upgrading the development teams’ knowledge and working approaches. I also helped in streamlining the application landscape at large within the Mortgages domain and was part of the team that defined the Architecture Roadmap 2020 for the Mortgages domain.

List of activities I performed on the job as I helped develop user stories:

  • Standardized technical development of microservices using a cocktail of Spring Boot, Hibernate and MySQL (clustered for high availability with Nginx)
  • Standardized front-end development with AngularJS
  • Developed a Commons project to standardize everything from REST, SOAP and JMS integration to generating CSV’s, implementing JWT security tokens and creating Jackson JSON converters.
  • Helped standardize CI / CD Bamboo build plans, Sonar analyses and Artifactory releases, Tomcat deployments
  • Introduced low-entrance documentation server (Atlassian Confluence)
  • Introduced proper source code branching and release management
  • Introduced Git and migration plan
  • Streamlined application landscape by identifying key functional / business requirements
  • Provided in-depth reviews and offered improvement plans


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