Quickie: how to make Clover ignore private constructors in Ant


Last week we took a quick look on how to make clover ignore private constructors in Eclipse. This week, we’ll quickly cover Ant

First, let’s look at the regular expression again:

Clover uses the concept of coverage contexts, which you can include/exclude during the report phase. A Coverage Context is a filter that matches on method or statement level. Assuming you’ve got Clover setup with your Ant scripts, here’s how you define a method context for your private constructors. Look up your clover-setup call:

So we’ve added a Method Context to match our constructors and gave it the name private_constructors, which we’ll need in a second. Note that all contexts you add define exclusions only. Everything else is assumed to be included by Clover.

Next to make use of this context, here’s a tricky bit: it’s not entirely clear in the Clover manual, but to make this Coverage Context active, you need to include it in the format element in your clover-report task, as follows:

For this to work you need to re-instrument your code. Have fun!


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