Dirty Tricks From The Dark Corners Of Front-End


Quoting Smashing Magazine

You know how it works: you spend hours trying to find a workaround for a problem that you have encountered, just to realize that it doesn’t quite work in, you know, that browser. Finding little techniques and tricks to help you get to results faster can immensely improve your productivity, so you don’t have to waste time on solutions that will never see the light of day.

I love finding those little useful front-end goodies that make our lives easier. Since technologies emerge and evolve permanently, keeping track on what’s going on is often difficult, especially since specifications change and so does the browser support. For a replacement talk at SmashingConf Oxford last week, I’ve decided to collect some of the useful techniques from various articles, conversations and my workshops in a slide deck — and since it proved to be useful for many front-end developers I’ve spoken to after the talk, I’m very privileged to share it with the entire community as well. To the slides.

So off we go. A few dirty tricks from the dark corners of front-end development. Beware: the things you’ll find in the deck can not be unseen, and I do no take any responsibility for whatever happens next.

You can also download the entire slide deck on SpeakerDeck (PDF). And you’ll find slides from the other SmashingConf talks in an overview of SmashingConf Oxford slides. Happy learning!


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