Have worked as a senior developer on a couple of smaller projects, including a proof of concept leading to a complete rebuild of the so called EIS administration system. This system deals with national administration of crimes, tickets and automated fee collection in the Netherlands.

Tasks included:

  • building the proof of concept in a medium team
  • setting up follow-up project for a large team (40+ members)
  • coaching new members on the project and junior developers
  • acting as backup Scrummaster
  • acting as lead developer within my sub-team


Interesting facets of the project include:

  • building multiple services that act in a SOA oriented architecture and integrates with an existing landscape of back-ends
  • using JMS queuing as messaging system
  • in an Agile configured team (Scrum of Scrums)
  • using frameworks such as Spring, Toplink JPA, JSF+Facelets


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