Just dropping by to put some useful links together for those following the events in Egypt.

ALjazeera is doing an outstanding job covering the Egypt events from the outside and inside, so really, all you need is Aljazeera. They provide reporting on several levels of detail.

So, in order of reporting detail:

  1. Aljazeera live feed, providing non-stop live visual footage and interviews with both experts and journalists on the ground (or look here for phones that don’t support Flash but do support Youtube)
  2. Combined list of tweets by journalists live on the ground in the thick of it all; rather thrilling at times
  3. Aljazeera’s live blog, reporting short bursts of information throughout the day which provides a global outline
  4. Tweets from Aljazeera’s main twitter account, reporting only the more important events
  5. In-depth reports on the most important events in the Middle East, of which Egypt obviously has complete focus
  6. The RSS feed of the above in-depth reports, to keep everything accessible from you mobile phone

Most of this is Twitter or RSS, so you can get everything synchronized in your mobile phone, with the exception of the Aljazeera live blog (which is very good for minute updates).

For those wondering what to do with the RSS feed, you can import it in any RSS reader app for your phone, but here’s what I do: get an account with Google Reader Feedly, subscribe to the RSS feed there, then install Feedly for Android (iPhone?) or some other Reader client such as NewsRob and auto-syncronize your Google Reader feeds in your phone with that.