Direct Web Remoting, or DWR in short, is a technology that helps you ease the development of javascript based applications using a Java server. What it does is simply sit in between your javascript and your java classes and acts as marshaller for method calls from javascript to Java. In a nutshell: DWR provides Remote Procedure Calls for javascript and is a great library for use in Ajax enabled webapplications.

This isn’t yet another blogpost about what DWR exactly is or why it is so cool; the objective of my post today is to simply set up a quick example of how to work with it. A quick tutorial if you will. I’m the kind of guy that likes many examples and diagrams and whatnot to take apart and learn from, so here’s my contribution to the ‘code by example’ paradigm. If you want to know more about DWR before actually trying to use it, I suggest you check out the DWR homepage.

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