I hadn’t gotten around to putting Simple Java Mail into Maven Central due to the complexities of going through Sonatype first. But now it is done: Simple Java Mail v1.9 now resides in Maven Central and can be included in your project using the following dependency:

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Very Simple Java Mail is no more. Long live Simple Java Mail!

Vesijama has been renamed to Simple Java Mail and the name Vesijama has been degraded to a working title. The reason: the title didn’t reflect the intention nor the function of the project and people complained about the outlandish name.

And so the project moved altogether to a new space at GitHub: Simple Java Mail.

For now the library jars have been renamed manually, but in the future the name will be incorporated in the sourcecode itself as well.

Happy mailing!

Here’s the story about why I wrote a mail API wrapper in Java and made it Open Source. It is called Vesijama, Very Simple Java Mail.

Vesijama has been renamed and moved to Simple Java Mail!

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