Want to play Mass Effect 2, but lost your Mass Effect 1 save games?


Yes, I play video games too. I won’t miss out on Mass Effect, which I think portraits a world almost as intricate as any good sci-fi novel (oh yeah I read those too, you should try A Fire Upon the Deep, by Vernor Vinge).

Since Mass Effect is going to be a trilogy (and more apparently), Bioware included a system that will use old save games as input for continuity in upcoming games, including ME2. Note that you’ll still be able to pick a different face and class.

Get your Mass Effect 1 save games at masseffectsaves.com

I didn’t know there would be an option to use ME1 save games as input until recently and I’ve deleted my save games a long time ago. No undelete program would find them. Annakie recognized this would be a problem and started a small site that offers various save games each with a different set of key choices made over time in ME1.

How awesome is that!

Take your pick as the list is growing fast and the website is becoming a popular hub for Shepards.

Mass Effect 2


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