What is the currently active workspace in Eclipse?


Imagine you are dealing with multiple workspaces, which for example can be expected if you split up a code base in several Eclipse projects and you are working on several releases at once. Now wouldn’t it be handy if Eclipse would tell you which workspace is active?

There are two ways.

1. Increase workspace history and derive from this list

You can derive from the workspace history list which workspace isn’t in there: that one will be the one currently active. This is the list you see when you got to File -> Switch Workspace.

Depending on how many workspaces you need, you might want to increase the size of the workspace history. You can configure this setting at:

Window -> Preferences -> General -> Startup and Shutdown -> Workspaces -> ‘Number of workspaces to remember’.

2. Show the current workspace in the titlebar

This one is obviously better as it requires no action on your part. Here’s a clear and simple post I found to solve this the right way.

Eclipse – Show Workspace Location in Title Bar

eclipse -showlocation -vmargs -Xmx700M

(those vmargs are optional and have nothing to do with showing the workspace.)

Thanks uhm… admin guy!

  • Pawan

    wow…its really helpful..thank you so much


  • Feiga

    Thanks so much for your tip. It will make my life much simpler.

    I am dealing with several workspaces and its was always an issue to be sure which workspace was current.

    I have created a batch file on my desktop to start eclipse with the -showlocation parameter and it works well.


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