Apache CollectionUtils transformedCollection caveat


I love the (now aging) Apache collections15 library, but here’s a small ugly detail that is good to know.

The following call doesn’t do what you would think it does – or what I thought it would do anyway (and the JavaDoc isn’t clear enough):

This does not transform your collection of balls into a collection of cubes. It does transform balls you add afterwards but not what is already in there. So what happens is that when you pass in a populated list with balls, the Collection<Cube> will contain objects of type Ball in runtime! That’s right, the CollectionUtils library suppresses any generics warnings so that you will get a nice runtime exception when you use it to, say, sort the list:

In fact, the TransformedCollection that comes out CollectionUtils.transformedCollection() is rather the odd one out, as you actually need to cast the list to the raw type (or TransformedCollection) in order to add a cube which is then transformed to a ball. either way the compiler will warn you about your foul language. From the TransformedCollection documentation:

Fun isn’t it.

What you should do instead is the following:

Almost the same… almost, but not quite.

  • ykzhao

    Hi…how to as3wavsound play 16Khz sound? thank you


  • Dima

    Ok, it adds a runtime transformer calls to the objects being put to newly created collection. What i cannot understand is why are they decided to leave the untransformed objects in it??? It made it unusable.
    Thanks for the posting though. I was starting to think that it is me who crazy is =)


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