Vesijama renamed to Simple Java Mail


Very Simple Java Mail is no more. Long live Simple Java Mail!

Vesijama has been renamed to Simple Java Mail and the name Vesijama has been degraded to a working title. The reason: the title didn’t reflect the intention nor the function of the project and people complained about the outlandish name.

And so the project moved altogether to a new space at GitHub: Simple Java Mail.

For now the library jars have been renamed manually, but in the future the name will be incorporated in the sourcecode itself as well.

Happy mailing!

  • Dave

    Hey, do you think you’ll be pushing this to the central Maven repo?


  • Lucas McCallister

    I’ve been looking this over, and I think your code (with some slight modifications to get it to work with Max 5) might just fix a problem that’s been plaguing my own project, Vidarr. I’m not really a programmer by any stretch, but I think I know enough to get it working. I’ll experiment with it when I have some free time.

    If it ends up working, would it be acceptable to you if I distribute it with my project? I use the GPLv2 license. The FSF doesn’t see Apache 2 as compatible under GPLv2, but it doesn’t matter so much to me as long as you’re cool with it. I’d bundle the info/license stuff for Simple Java Mail with my project, of course.


  • tom

    i am new to doing email in java, while following your example (my code can be found below – note: email and password removed for internet safety). when i compiled the following code in bluej it gave me following error:

    Generic error: 530 5.7.0 must issue a STARTTLS command first (in org.codemonkey.simplejavamail.Mailer)

    if it is not too much trouble could you look at my code down bottom and tell me how to send an email from hotmail or give me a pointer of how to fix problem i got or what is missing from my code
    import javax.mail.Message.RecipientType;
    import org.codemonkey.simplejavamail.*;

    public class TomzJavaEmailTest
    /**main method:*/
    public static void main(String[] args)
    Email e = new Email();
    e.setFromAddress(“tom bond”, “”);
    e.addRecipient(“tom bond”, “”, RecipientType.TO);
    e.setText(“sent from java email program”);
    e.setSubject(“test 1”);
    new Mailer(“”, 25, “”, “”).sendMail(e);
    /**main method: end*/


  • Roice

    Hi sir, do you have a program that uses jsp, FROM JSP with form -> Servlet -> email. My point is using a jsp when i submit it , it will be processed by the servlet to send the information to my email. Help mee.. and i don’t know anything by that SMTP =.=


  • Roice

    I’m using Eclipse IDE. I don’t have any idea about SMTP, i searched it from google, lot of results are needed the SMTP, i tried it but the result said “Could not find SMTP port 25” i think that is it. Thanks in Advance!


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