Benny Bottema, nice to meet you. That's me in the picture, with my lovely wife in the back.

I'm a fiercely passionate developer. I like to keep myself updated and I'm always eager to learn.

Senior developer, team-lead, technical architect. Pragmatic, thorough, communicative. Good solo, good in a team. That's me.

I have many individual skills, but I can summarize them best as agile front-end, back-end, full javascript stack and full J2EE stack.

Javascript (+AngularJS and much more)

Java / J2EE (+Spring and much more)



Rewriting the entire student loan system



The company that shaped me

Open Source

Open Source

My contributions to the open source community

CJIB Leeuwarden

CJIB Leeuwarden

From POC to large scale project

Certified Scrummaster

Certified Scrummaster

Zilverline and 8 years of Scrum



My very first professional experience

2012 - 2016


Senior java / web developer & architect

DUO, the national institute of student loans and financing products, is rebuilding its processing systems to provide a quicker result and a better online user experience. Every student will use it in the future.

In addition to being involved in general enterprise level java application development (event-driven SOA, hibernate, REST, SOAP, JMS etc.), I was in lead of the technical development of the new Javascript based student screens, using the following technologies: gulp, jQuery, knockoutjs, requirejs, json REST services, and other minor libraries (such as momentjs). In this position I have devised a scalable web application architecture / structure in which screens and data can be modeled in a homogeneous fashion, consistent across all screens and all teams.

Other interesting activities:

  • devised and implemented an approach to (automated) performance testing of the back-ends using JMeter and SoapUI (the last one is for mocking SOAP and JMS). This solution involved integrating the testing process in our continuous integration and deployment cycle (in Jenkins / Bamboo).
  • devised and implemented an approach to (automated) javascript unit testing and measuring code coverage using QUnit, Jasmine, JSCoverage, PhantomJs and CasperJS. This solution again involved integrating the testing process in our continuous integration cycle (in Jenkins / Bamboo).
  • our teams used the Agile Scrum methodology


Read more about my experience with DUO.

2007 - 2016


Software Consultant

As a developer for Quintor I have been involved in implementing small to large projects from start-to-finish, including doing Proof of Concepts, for small and large clients. This also includes the role of maintenance for production released projects.

Read more on my experience with Quintor.

2011 - 2012

AEGON Nederland

Software Engineer

Working in a SCRUM team of approximately ten people on an intranet application that combines many legacy SOA systems into a single portal (EAI project). This portal application is then used to automate correspondence with consumers.

My role so far has varied covering the following activities:

  • Perform a migration from Websphere 7 to Tomcat 6, while maintaining backwards compatibility (being able to deploy the app to both platforms).
  • Develop an approach to automated GUI testing (using fitness and selenium) in a continuous integration cycle
  • Develop services and consuming services in a SOA landscape
  • Implement front-to-end JSF GUI’s that interact with many services and a backend.
2009 - 2011


Senior Java developer

Have worked as a senior developer on a couple of smaller projects, including a proof of concept leading to a complete rebuild of the so called EIS administration system. This system deals with national administration of crimes, tickets and automated fee collection in the Netherlands.

Tasks included:

  • building the proof of concept in a medium team
  • setting up follow-up project for a large team (40+ members)
  • coaching new members on the project and junior developers
  • acting as backup Scrummaster
  • acting as lead developer within my sub-team


Interesting facets of the project include:

  • building multiple services that act in a SOA oriented architecture and integrates with an existing landscape of back-ends
  • using JMS queuing as messaging system
  • in an Agile configured team (Scrum of Scrums)
  • using frameworks such as Spring, Toplink JPA, JSF+Facelets


Read more about my experience with CJIB.

2008 - 2009


Java / Web Developer

Completed a project for ABN Amro to completely rewrite and expand an application called MKBnext. This is an application with which small to medium business owners and entrepreneur can buy/sell companies. Goal is to provide a faster, more robust application with a completely new design, that is much better manageable.

My role included setting up the project from the ground up including proof of concept/prototype, before other team members were able to join the project. I’ve worked on all facets of the webapplication, from back-end to front-end.

The following components were involved:

  • Very short and strict deadline, which we successfully made
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Worked according to Agile Development Process


Used technologies:

Spring, JPA (Hibernate), JSF (Mojarra / Richfaces / Ajax4JSF / PrettyFaces), Flex, XHTML+CSS, Ajax, Velocity templating, Alfresco CMS, Flying Saucer and other related technologies.

2008 - 2008

Achmea Avéro

Java / Web Developer

Developed a new web-based front-end for Achmea Avero Zorg, which included the following components:

  • Java developer function, focused on a JSF + Facelets front-end
  • Large team consisting of developers, architects, testers and many back-end ties
  • Short and very strict deadline, which we successfully made
  • Other technologies I’ve used in this project: Spring, Flying Saucer, Richfaces + Ajax4JSF
2006 - 2008

Achmea FBTO

Java / Web Developer

Worked on the FBTO website with a large team, which included the following components:

  • Java Developer function, using mainly Struts
  • Working experience also included working in Agile development process
  • Completed several projects for FBTO integrating new products into the website. Many back-ends (backoffice, AS400, RDW etc.) were involved
  • Completely rebuilt a large part of the website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Read more about my experience with FBTO.

2006 - 2006


Web Developer

Worked at TRES Internet for my Bachelor degree. The following components were involved:

  • Written an online (web) application for automated ticket sales.
  • Used technologies: ASP VBScript (classic), XML, MS Access
  • Written a research paper on “development process improvement and best practices”
2001 - 2006

Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden

Information technology (hogere informatica)

Bachelor degree



Certified ScrumMaster




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